Will Datawarehouse models conjoint ?

Oct 10

In the 90 the three objectoriented gurus came togehter and became the three amigos. They buried the war tools picked and out grew things like UML. Will the same happened to datawarehouse modeling? I can see three major streams in datawarehouse modeling. Kimballs Star Scheme afficionade with conformed dimension, Bill Inmon with Normalized tables and Dan L with the DataVault. According the clan of Data Vault Inmon says: ” As Bill Inmon has stated, ‘The Data Vault is the optimal choice for modeling the EDW in the DW 2.0 framework.'” I this a first step towards an aggregation of methods?
Daniel Lindstedt says he is debating hard at the Kimball forums. He calls it: the Clash of Titans

The OOP theories of the 90 were not opposites. They just had different focus. Wich I believ the three Warehouse Friends has.


  1. Intressant skrivet!

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