My chinese javascript sorting plugin is added to the datatables jQuery component on GitHub

Jul 23

Allan Jardine accepted the pull request I did. See here Yipee I am a contributor.
On Github I first made fork on the plug-in repository. That copied it all to my GitHub repository. After that I made a local repository with GithHub for windows. The first thing I did was a branch on my local repository called chinese-sorting. I saw on youtube that this was the way that Linus Torvald wanted it to be done. I slowly did my development and testing on the branch. To check from time to time if there had been any changes on the original datatables plug-in repository on GitHub I used the git fetch command. ( You get that in the powershell module in git for windows)
When I felt that this was ready. I synced my localrepository with my GitHub repo. Then I finally was ready to click on the pull request button. Allan Jardine at Datatables could then compare my branch chinese-sorting with the master branch and he felt that it was ok and merged it with the master branch. Tada.

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