Use set operators in powershell like sql

Nov 01

In Powershell there are no set operators like union, Except, Intersection by default. Set operators are used in sql like inner-join, union etc. You could use these operator for example to find out which certificates exist on server A but not B or to find what data is new in a huge csv file compared with the previous on. I will show you in a few articles a simple way...

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Angular JS Controller error Argument is not a function

Jul 23

Broken Control error in Angular Today I got an error of several hello world todo examples in AngularJS when I tryed new 1.3 version. Error like: Error: [ng:areq] Argument 'sarcCntrl' is not a function, got undefinedError: [ng:areq] Argument 'sarcCntrl' is not a function, got undefined Prevent bad habits It seems that they have broken the api. See my working...

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Vas-Stickan simple Xamarin App

Jun 08

Xmarin Crossplattform slider I have started to write a crossplattform app with Xamarin for ios, windows and Android devices. I started using Xamarin a year ago. But did not get anywhere. I restarted now and decided to make a Hello world applikation in the form of a slider. This slider can be used to give a level of much pain you have. IRL they are used by nurses and...

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Hello Bing Translator

Oct 05

I am learning how to use the Bing translator via the Azure marketplace. Describes a console application that uses bing translation rest api. There are many rites where you have to register with microsoft to get keys. More will come…

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shorinji kempo notes

May 08

The new Shorinji Kempo Stockholm Södra youtube film The new Shorinji Kempo Stockholm Södra youtube film is on youtube now Preparation notes for my classes Lesson 18 Explore Ten’o ken Lesson 17 You need a sidekick. Lesson 16 Three principles in the wrist. Lesson 15 Copy the Embu and then leave it. Lesson 14 Dirty Go Ju ittai. Lesson 13 Explore Sango-Ken Branch...

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